Mohammed Sabouni
Business Development Manager
Advanced PowerCells Trading

Since 2011, working with B3 International Co. has been a pleasure. They consistently deliver top-notch cable products and services that exceed our expectations. Their highly qualified staff provides valuable cable solutions, not just products. They're customer-focused, meet stringent requirements and have a diverse range of cable products. Highly recommended for any project, both in KSA and internationally!

Iyas Seraj
Product Manager
Bright Wires Technology

I want to thank B3 team for their continuous support and quick response, we believe that B3 products always meet customers’ expectations for performance, quality, and safety. and we hope that our relationship will be continue and grow further.

Arunava Brahma
Senior Sales and Marketing Engineer
Supreme Technologies

I have been working with B3 International for several years and have always been impressed with the quality of their cables and their customer service. They have a wide range of products to choose from, and their knowledgeable staff is always available to provide exceptional support. The team is truly the best in the industry and is recommended to anyone in need of top-of the-line cables for small project to large-scale installation.

Majid Ahmed Khan
Techno Commercial Specialist
Falcon Technical

The experience with B3 is good and we have even used B3 in our major projects like Nizwa Police Academy, Sumail Central Prison, Forensic Lab, Sultan Qaboos University etc.

Nitin Vangani
Manager – ELV & BMS Business
Zubair Electric Group

We are pleased to share that the work process between Al Zubair and B3 International is well organized - there are no delays in quotes, deliveries and no invoice issues. We are thankful for the great attitude and co-operation. Al Zubair has benefitted from B3 International Cables’ innovative and flexible approach to working together – as a supplier they make working together easy. The high level of service, the expert technical support, and the consistent quality of products mean we hope to continue our collaboration for years to come.