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Data Sheets
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B3 International TDS C1013 C1015 C1017 C1144 C1211 C1239 C1258 C1668 C1623 C1624 C4235 C4236 C4237 C4394 C4546 Nx18AWG Scrn V1.9-224
28- 04-2023
Audio Control & Instrumentation Cable, 2 to 32C, 18AWG, Overall Screen & PVC Sheath
B3 International TDS C15351- C15352- C15353- C15353 3C Flexible Scrn HFFR BS6387 CWZ Cables-V1.0-938
26- 04-2023
Flexible Fire-Resistant Cables 3C Overall Screen HFFR Sheath BS6387 CWZ.
B3 International TDS C15339-C15340-C15341-C15342-C15343-C15344-C15345-C15346-C15347-C15348-C15349-C15350 Nx14AWG TC Scrn BMS-HFFR-V1.0-937
26- 04-2023
Audio Control & Instrumentation Cable, 2C to 20C, 14AWG Overall Screen, HFFR/LSZH Sheath.
B3 International TDS C15337- C15338 2C HFFR BS6387 CWZ PH120 PH30+E Cables-V1.0-933
26- 04-2023
Fire Resistant Cables, 2C Unscreen LSZH/HFFR Sheath.
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