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Group of engineers from ECG Egypt visit the factory of B3 International in Italy.

Post Date: June 30, 2022
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The delegation of the ECG Consulting Engineers Group, which provides engineering consultancy and engineering and architectural design services in the Middle East, Africa and Europe, included Engineer Mohamed Raslan, Project Manager, Engineer Amr Gallab, Electrical Engineer, and Engineer Ali Farag, Systems Engineer. The delegation was received by the Administrative Director, Mohamed Maghribi, and the Director of Operations, Matthias Land.

A delegation from the Consulting Engineers Group - ECG Egypt visited the cable factory of B3 International in Italy, which manufactures copper and optical fiber cables that form the foundations of telecommunications and global communication, as part of plans for cooperation during the coming period.

The delegation was briefed on the manufacturing procedures and production lines of the factory, which includes the latest European production lines that keep pace with the most modern global technology in accordance with international standards for all cables produced by the company. The most important quality control procedures were discussed, and the delegation conducted field tests on the products. .

The tour of the factory included an explanation of the production process with all its procedures and implementation steps. The European raw materials used in it were verified and how quality control procedures were applied during the manufacturing process.

The delegation toured the factory's laboratories, and conducted extensive tests in the context of vertical flame spread of cables, fire test, in addition to other physical and electrical performance tests, all of which ended successfully.

B3 International conducts regular tests on the cables it manufactures in cooperation with the most important American and European laboratories, including the American company UL, the British companies BRE and Warrington Fire, the Czech EZU, the KNX Association, and other international companies in the field of safety science.